Liu Haijun, director general of the provincial Department of Economic information, visited Ryodene electric Control

On the afternoon of August 30th, Liu Haijun, director of Hubei Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology, Yang Zefa, Secretary of Dongxihu District Party Committee, And Xu Fuliang, director of Electronic Information Industry Department of Hubei Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology visited our company to conduct research on the development of automobile electronic control system industry. Director Liu had an in-depth understanding of the development situation of our company, listened to our appeal, and encouraged the innovation and development of our electronic control system industry. Gong Benxin, secretary of the Board of Directors, Yu Junfa, president of the research Institute, Song Guixiao, assistant to the general manager and others warmly received.
At the forum, Gong Benxin, secretary of the board of directors, reported in detail the technology, products and strategic direction in the field of automotive electronic control in recent years. As the largest supplier of independent automotive engine management system in China, our company broke the difficult situation of "core technology hollowing" in China's automotive industry.
Liu director of the ryodene electric control in the automotive electronic control system industry in the field of full recognition, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the control of the key core technology of the automotive industry safety and independent control, and said that will vigorously support the development of enterprises. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of ideas, policy measures and project promotion on the development of automobile electronic control system industry and the optimization and adjustment of automobile industry structure in Hubei Province.
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